"I have been in flooring and kitchen design just about all my life."  Mike S. (Owner of MMM Kitchen and Flooring)

At MMM Kitchen & Flooring we personally meet face to face with our clients to give you a free estimate on our kitchen remodeling and flooring projects.  Our quotes we draft do not change overtime meaning the client will never pay more than the amount we both agree upon. Also, MMM Kitchen & Flooring will not ask the client to deposit more than $1,000 for all of their projects.

Established in 1985.

We have over 30 years experience in all aspect of kitchen design and flooring design.

We are able to cut costs on our services because there is no middleman or salesman to cut into profit margins. Another secret to why our costs are so low is because we are experts at managing our inventory. We have every cabinet in every design fully stocked. This means we can cut costs and provide quick turnaround times on your projects. We guarantee "We will finish your kitchen in 5 days". All cabinets sold at MMM Kitchen & Remodeling are made out of maple wood and not particle boards. NO MDF.

High end products at reasonable prices
No hidden costs and no middleman

​​Kitchen Remodeling and Flooring In Placentia, California